Our New Canvas Tote Bag - Let's talk Beans

Introducing our NEW ‘Beans-talk’ TOTE

Organic Cotton tote bag!

We are thrilled to be bringing you our new canvas shopper, with its many uses for: books, gym, groceries, picnics, handbag etc. etc.  Easily foldable and with a bottom gusset, it is both roomy and handy to boot.

B + R is a brand borne out of our passion for botanicals and food, and our chosen representative for this design is none other than the humble bean.  Humble as it may be, it is nonetheless one of the most versatile, delicious and nutritious protein food sources.

The tote bag design process was both fun and challenging especially as our initial designs featured actual beany beans!  Anyway soon enough we realised that we had to include all our collectively loved bean varieties, and the beanstalk itself– henceforth known as thebeans-talk gallerytote bag [did you see what we did there?] .  

So let’s talk about beans baby, let’s talk about where they grow, let’s talk about biodiversity, let’s talk about soil preservation, let’s talk about horticultural, agriculture, organic farming, let’s talk about farmers, let’s talk about fairtrade and sustainability.  

Is that before we start talking about vegetarian, veganism, and plantbased diets? Allot-a beans talk to go round. There are indeed lots of conversations on the notion of farm - food- table chain. One of the most out and outspoken restauranteurs in this discourse, is the Blue Hill Farm, whom we recently came upon. Applying a Know thy Farmer ethos which is derived from “Great cooking starts with great ingredients” Blue Hill Farm are preaching to a converted crowd at team B + R.

In the quest for more information we find ourselves seeking knowledge from the Soil Association and Agricology, as well as browsing Bioversity for global initiatives, and many other excellent resources that keep us interested. The Fair-trade organisation also has excellent content showcasing its success stories.

But of course all this talk can be sooo exhausting. Time to fuel up on a nutritious, delicious, low calorific, vegan friendly bean meal.

See the compilation of our top 10 favourite bean recipes [here].